Happy Birthday Will

Well - how about that…

As Will turns 15 tomorrow, on Australia Day… Professor, Alan Mackay-Sim, will be awarded Australian of the Year in recognition for his amazing breakthrough work in stem cell treatment for spinal cord injury!

15 is so young and Will has a long life in front of him, so it gives us enormous hope to know that there are incredible people, right here in our own country, working tirelessly to ease the physical, emotional and financial burden of such a devastating injury.

We couldn’t think of a better birthday present for Will than to tuck away this hope and to continue to work hard and keep his muscles strong and ready for the amazing breakthroughs that brilliant people like Prof Mackay-Sim are committing themselves to.

Will is like any other 15 year old who taunts their siblings, grunts at their parents and lives for time with his mates… but the past 12 months have also shown us that he has a level of resilience, patience, mental toughness and acceptance that extends way beyond his years.

Happy Birthday Will and congratulations Professor Mackay-Sim… 2 amazing people taking on Spinal Cord Injury!

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