Life is Made up of Moments - One Year On

Yesterday was January 16 and tomorrow is January 18… and today is January 17 - a year since Will’s accident.

You tell yourself it’s just another day, it’s just another date - but it catches in your throat, it makes your mind wander, it makes you reflect.

You reflect on the choices you’ve made and the path that you’ve taken and the progression that you’ve made… or really, the progression that Will’s made.

To be honest, if I really wanted to, I could start writing and never stop. I could justify the therapies we have put in place and explain the theories behind our methods.

I could detail the changes in Will and our family and the things I’ve learnt and the ways we’ve all grown. I could engage you all with observations and experiences… But I won’t.

Because today is just another day. Today Will is a little bit brighter after being pretty darn sick since before Christmas. Today Will is more vibrant and more talkative than he’s been for weeks. Today Will is ordering his friends around on playstation and sharing in banter and laughter… so today is a good day!

Today, January 17, is better than January 16 - and I’m really, really happy about that.

What I will share with you however, is my own little philosophy around the team we have employed, the program that we’ve implemented and generally, our approach to spinal cord injury. It’s not founded in any research or medicine, no-one passed it on to us and it’s certainly not going to change the way the world approaches quadriplegia… but this is it…

Life is made up of moments.

These moments just follow each other… one moment, then another moment, then another moment adds up to a new day…

And each new day is followed by another new day.

And, of course, these days add up to make a year. And the years add up and continue to add up.

There is only one certainty in this journey of life and that’s that in one of these moments our life will end. It doesn’t get much surer than this.

We have chosen to sit in hope for Will’s recovery. We have chosen to fill Will’s life with amazing people who in each moment are encouraging Will to strive for new goals and push harder to achieve more recovery. Some of these people have worked in spinal cord injury before, many of them have not.

There is no certainty what the picture we are building for Will will ultimately look like - but that’s not the point. By filling each moment with hope, and purpose and striving towards a positive goal - then these moments are more often than not, happy, productive moments. You see, the fulfilment, the self-worth, the healing is in each of these moments - it is not in the end result.

The good bits of life, in anyone’s life, is in the doing and the action, the learning and the growing the reflection and the observation… it is not in the end result. The good bits is in the pursuit of a worthwhile goal… not just in the achievement of that goal.

Spinal cord injury is shit! It’s not an injury you would choose. But our moments… Will’s moments… are fuelled by reason, purpose and hope - they are today, on the 12 month anniversary of his accident and they will be tomorrow and (hopefully) they will be in many of the moments after that.

Each and every one of you have impacted many of our moments this past year. You have brought support and love, kindness and generosity to our moments. You have stood by us in each moment. And you have carried us for the moments where we haven’t been able to carry ourselves.

Our hope for you all in 2017, is that you can bring the same incredible gifts to the moments of your own lives that you've brought to our lives.

Oh, and finally, let me introduce you to a new member of our team… Meet Maverick (Mav for short). He heads up the animal therapy component of our program and bases his work around purring, somersaulting, pouncing and rubbing noses!! He makes every moment good!

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