No One Wants to be a Grinch at Christmas

I’ve gone to write this post several times… but each time it doesn’t really come out right. No one wants to be a grinch at Christmas time right? But, to be honest, I think we’re all just holding our breath here and hoping like crazy that the 25th December comes and goes, and leaves us all emotionally in tact.

I can’t lie… the lead up hasn’t given us any reason to think that this will be the case - with a sudden onset kidney infection, the first Melbourne summer heatwave and a broken playstation remote… I’m starting to think the universe is having one last dig at us for the year.

Going to bed tonight psychologically limping and injured from 2 hours of “Broken Playstation Remote Warfare” with Will, I had pretty much decided that this “Merry Christmas” post could quite easily be held off and written as a Happy New Year message instead.

But lying in bed trying to do that whole, “think of three things to be grateful for and all your troubles will disappear” thing… I started to roll through the year and really started to think about how far we had come as a family and remember what helped us get to where we’ve got. It’s a year like no other when you run it in fast forward.

Our story, thus far, has ups and downs and highs and lows, improvements and set backs… but one thing that has never faltered is this incredible - ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE - sense of community that has surrounded our whole family and carried us and kept us steady throughout the bumps, twists and turns.

From fundraisers, to dollar a day donations, to letters in the posts, to prayer groups across the other side of the world… We have felt your love! We have heard your love! We have seen your love! When our family needed love more than any other time in our lives… you all stepped up and stepped forward.

Many of you have never met Will, most of you have never been in our home… but ALL of you have played your part in our story. I’m not sure what science says… but I choose to believe that every ounce of love and support sent our way, from kids, to teenagers, to adults has played a part in Will’s ongoing success… and for that I am very, very grateful!

Wishing you and your families and friends a safe, happy, fun and loving Christmas - from Will and our entire crazy clan.

Keep those high energy, good vibes coming!!


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