He Gave Me Hope

Dr Zhu has been and gone!

Dr Zhu was truly amazing!

A 70 year old acupuncturist who is in demand all around the world, who doesn’t need the work or the money, but who came all the way to Melbourne, because recovery from Spinal Cord Injury and Stroke is his thing, it is what he believes in and it is his purpose… and a teenage boy and family needed him!

No magic wands, no snake oil or expensive machines… just a bucket load of discipline and bloody hard work (with a heap of acupuncture needles in Will’s head and feet thrown in). He took the best of the rehab work that Will had adopted from our incredible American trainer and added his own Eastern philosophies and techniques… Western and Eastern approaches working in harmony - wish we saw more of it.

I spent the first 48 hours of his visit dragging my knuckles and in tears, questioning whether Will had it in him to do what he was being asked. What 14 year old has that much focus and discipline … well as it turns out - 7 days, post Zhu’s visit… my 14 year old does!!

Will has surprised us again with his work ethic, courage and determination.

A massive thanks to Ling, a gorgeous local mum who stepped in to translate for us and has now been dragged into Will’s crazy journey whether she wanted it or not.

Someone close to Will asked him the other day what Dr Zhu had done to him because he looked so positive and happy and upright in his posture.

Will’s response…

“He gave me hope!”

Enough said!

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