A few things to report….

Will’s home from hospital and is recovering well from his hand surgery. It will still be a good 6 weeks before he is back to where he was - but things improve everyday.

It’ll take around 6 months before he can expect to see the benefits of the nerve transfer operation start to kick in which will hopefully result in hand opening on the left and hand opening and pinch on the right. Anyone with Sony shares can breath easy knowing he’s back on the Playstation after going cold turkey for 10 days. That was harder work than the operation!

Its fair to say in the past 2 weeks we have got closer than ever before to understanding that saying “we’ve been to hell and back”… and in Will’s own words, the last 2 weeks for him have been “the hardest 2 weeks of my life, even worse than when I first had the accident”.

But, in true team Murray style we are up and moving! We always make it a priority to give Will the space and time to feel the feelings he needs to feel - but we never stop taking steps in the direction we are wanting to head.

With constant forward motion, amazing opportunities open up - and when amazing opportunities open up stuff needs to get done and often quickly. So, here goes…

Any of you incredible peeps know someone who speaks fluent Mandarin with a bit of time up their sleeve next week? Oh - and anyone know a cabinet maker that has a big heart! If you’re reading this and are a mandarin speaking cabinet maker who is full of good will and generosity… then we’ve hit the jack pot!

Let’s try and explain the Mandarin translator first!

Will started having acupuncture shortly after his accident. Many people around the world believe acupuncture plays an important role in Spinal Cord Injury recovery and have used it with great success. There is a guru of all gurus in cranial acupuncture called Dr Zhu (check out the clip below which is of a guy with a similar level injury to Will). Dr Zhu is nearing the end of his career and has agreed to come to Melbourne to work with Will and teach other acupuncturists so that his work can reach neurological patients in Australia long after he’s gone.

Take a bow people - your support in Will’s cause means that Zhu’s phenomenal techniques will become available to many, many people (including stroke, MS and other neurological disorder sufferers). We just have 2 hurdles… we found out today that he’s coming on Monday for the week (before returning again in November to run practitioner training) and we also found out that he doesn’t speak much English.

Come on - we’ve jumped bigger hurdles than that I say!! Hence why the call out for someone fluent in Mandarin and English who is available next week… easy right!

Onto the Cabinet Maker.

Some of you are aware that we are currently making some changes to our house to make things easier for Will when he finally gets back home (we’re bunking down at my parents place at the moment… say a little gratitude prayer for them!) We’ve got some wonderful people helping out with the house but we are in need of a cabinet maker who can lend a hand with fabrication and installation (materials are already sorted). If you know anyone who can help please let me know.

The best contact point for both of these calls for help is through: helpushelpthemurrays@gmail.com

We’re so grateful for you guys taking the time to read our posts and particularly grateful for anyone that can help.

I’m now off to learn how to cook Mandarin food by Monday!!


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