In one weekend ...

In one weekend Will’s old footy team made up of his best mates who he’s played with since he was 8 years old played in the Grand Final and lost… I took Gus to the skateboard park for the first time where I used to take Will for hours every weekend… and Tess went skiing with a group of friends instead of her family.

3 heart breaking events which each made me get a lump in my throat.


I’m pretty sick of trying to feel better by going to my breath only to feel like someone’s strangling me when I do… so I’m going to close out the weekend with the whole, “list three things you’re grateful for” activity. Here goes - I’m grateful for…

1. Will’s mate’s mum, Bec Hardeman, who has taken Will Pokemon hunting every Sunday night of the footy season just to ease his pain of not being able to play. She never told him why she was doing it - but she made it a regular activity so that when Will’s mates were excited by playing football every Sunday - Will would be excited about going Pokemon hunting. So ridiculously grateful to her.

2. Tessa’s group of friends and their parents who welcomed her with open arms on their family ski weekend - standing in and stepping up when we’re not able to take her.

3. The sun that was shining at the skateboard park and the music the skaters were playing which somehow eased the pain I felt watching a group of young kids and teens loving the thrills of skating as much as Will used to.

I know I’m now adding a 4th… But what I’m most grateful for more than all of those things is Will’s courage and strength of character. Will confided in a friend last week that he thought it was going to be too difficult for him emotionally to watch his team play the grand final without be able to play, but that he was going to go anyway because it was the right thing to do by his mates… he blows me away and can teach us all a lesson in resilience and mateship.

Ok - so for 8 months now I’ve tried to avoid putting a call out to action (because to be honest the Community has gone above and beyond without us having to ask), but for Will right now, I feel this is the right call to make.

Will tonight was having a rare conversation with Nick and I opening up about the struggles of having so few joys left in his life. We were tossing up ideas of things that could make him feel more alive and independent. One of the things he discussed was us purchasing an off road, converted dune buggy that would make it possible for him to safely experience speed and take risks… a bit like a 14 year old going dirt bike riding. The other was to look into purchasing some virtual reality equipment and games that would enable him to experience the sensations of movement again. Our community has been incredible in supporting us financially - but the one opportunity that could go a long way for us being able to give Will both of these gifts is for us to generate interest in the major raffle that the Where There’s a Will Committee has organised.

This raffle has some incredible prizes and it would be a shame if these prizes were given away without Will benefitting. Tickets can be purchased here and the prizes, including a brand new Volvo a European Vacation and a trip to Byron Bay, will be drawn in November.

I am asking you all to please, if you can, jump on there and purchase a book of tickets. Keep them for yourself or on sell them to family and friends.

I would love to be able to say that these incredible prizes have allowed us to fund some “joyful” and “life giving” purchases for Will.

#begrateful #hereformuz

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