Maintaining the momentum...

Will on the FES bike

I’ve always loved Easter - it's one of those long weekends with no kids' sport, plenty of sunshine (usually) and enough days to actually get out of town…

Mmmm - Easter 2016 didn’t quite play out like this for us.

Last week was Will’s best week to date. After recovering from a mystery illness that knocked him out for a full week (as in no food, drink, movement or conversation) Will rose like a Phoenix! He was up in his chair everyday, was smashing his rehab - and much to our delight - he was being a mischievous teenager out and about the hospital in his chair.

Going into the long weekend, like all of you, we had planned some much needed family time. I had visions of easter egg hunts in the hospital garden with Will and his younger siblings, watching the footy on the big screen TV in the hospital hotel room that we booked, laughter, chocolate, hot cross buns, dinner with friends and just a touch of normality. Yeah… not the case.

Will has been struck by another infection (I seem to be repeating myself in these posts) - and boy it’s hit him hard. As a parent, you just never get used to seeing your kid seriously ill.

The Easter weekend for us has seen us divided as a family - shipping our other kids off to caring friends’ houses. The Easter eggs never made it to the garden and are sitting unopened in a bag. All friends were kept away from the hospital and Nick and I didn’t move from Will’s side. Will hasn’t eaten or conversed and seems lost in a world of persistent nausea and pain. What can we do? Is the question so many people ask…

Well you can maintain the momentum that we seem to be personally loosing. Dramatics aside… Nick and I are buggered (and so are those who are working closely with us). For weeks we have balanced our ups and downs with each other so that someone is always pushing forward… but not so this long weekend. As I was leaving the hospital tonight and looked into my husband’s weary eyes, and he looked into mine, all we could do was laugh at the sight of each other… both as drawn and empty as each other… both seemingly on a downward spiral. Amongst our weary laugh Nick said to me “ what’s that saying… what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. Gee, we’re going to be 2 bloody strong people after this!

The other day someone told me about a research paper into the benefits of mass, intentional prayer. I tried to google it but couldn’t find it. I also tried to google the benefits of mass, intentional 3/4 time, inspirational football speeches (couldn’t find it - but I’m sure it works on the same premise as mass intentional prayer). Please - keep the vibration high… through prayer, footy speeches, meditation, music, whatever. We feel it, we need it and whilst Will’s accident seems many moons ago for you all - it is still very, very real and very, very acute and we crave any energy you can send our way.

Please also keep up the incredible support you are driving through the community for fundraising. We don’t always personally acknowledge what everyone is doing - but every single dollar directly helps Will. Each day we learn more and more about spinal cord injury and the more we learn, the more real it gets! We feel truely blessed by the generosity of our community and are so thankful that you are all charging ahead with this task whilst we seem to move further and further away from it whilst we care for Will. We truely hope that we will get a chance to express how much this means to us and to Will at the upcoming Community Day (April 16, 2-7pm, Sandringham Aths Track).

And finally… stop sweating the small stuff! In the last 2 weeks Will has taught me many, many things (got some cracka posts ready to go when I summon enough energy to write them) - but all I can muster right now is a reminder to check in on what you’re focused on. Is it worth the stress, the worry, the energy? I sat on the couch next to my parents tonight with barely the energy to talk. I looked at them and said - at least it’s stopped us worrying about petty things.

Remember this - please. Focus on your health, focus on your relationships, focus on love and laughter and friends and family. Enjoy the sounds and sights and tastes that are in each and everyday… let go of the physical, material things you want and must have to make you happy. Let go of what someone said or did or didn’t do - none of it seems worth it.

Will amazes me everyday - here’s hoping tomorrow is better then today.

Happy Easter!



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