Gratefulness and I have not always had the best working relationship! In theory, I so get how good it is and that it can literally turn any lemon into lemonade… however, for me (prior to this accident), when it came to the crunch I would take a good pitiful whinge over gratefulness any day. Mind you - that never stopped me spruiking the benefits of daily gratitude to all who would listen… particularly my kids.

Now Will doesn’t give us much at the moment. He’s pretty quiet and flat and needs constant encouragement to even answer the most basic of questions. Well, listen up team - because Master William Murray dropped a gratefulness bomb tonight without so much as a prompt or a suggestion from me or any other adult he had come in contact with.

Lying in his bed (feeling particularly crappy with bad nausea), just like that… with no prior conversation or context, Will said to me; “Mum, you know how you said you were making us go to Thailand for a holiday over Christmas so we could appreciate what we had at home?” “Yes I said” (although I had truely forgotten as I suspect it was one of my many promotions of gratefulness that was perhaps made with lack of personal intent). “Well, this injury has made me appreciate home a heap more than Thailand did”.

Well there you go, I thought - I reckon there’s 13 thousand Will Murray Update Facebook followers that could learn something from Will’s insightful observation.

If a 14 year old with a severe spinal cord injury can find something to be grateful for in his current situation, instead of just finding bitterness and regret, then I think there's a fair few of us who can pick our socks up in this area!

Since Will's accident one thing that I have truely felt gratitude towards, every single day, is our community. For those that don't know, a group of our friends are working tirelessly to arrange a "Where Theres A Will Community Day" so that Nick and I can literally take a deep breath with all those who are supporting us and let you know how thankful we are to have you on this journey.

We would love you to save the date in your diary:

Saturday, 16 April - 2pm-7pm Sandringham Athletics Track, Gramis Ave Hampton

There'll be entertainment, fun activities for the kids, food and drink, heaps of great vibes... and undoubtedly a bucketload of gratefulness to share!

It would mean the world to us and to Will to see as many of you there as possible.

May you find something to be grateful about today!



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