Raise the vibration from afar

I’m sitting outside Will’s room writing this post listening to barrels of laughs coming from him and his mates… literally joy to my ears! So it pains me to notify you all that (due to Doctors orders) we are having to put a ban on all visitors for the next couple of weeks.

Will is simply not progressing with his re-hab and at this rate, we’ll never get him home or back to school. We’re hoping by quieting his environment and freeing up his time we can get over this next hump so that we can get him back on the social circuit!

Under no circumstances will Drs let any unannounced visitors see Will (even if you’ve travelled a million miles and paid the hefty RCH underground parking fee).

I’ll keep you up to date on this page, but raise the vibration from afar because we want Will to get moving so Will can get home.

#‎getwillhome‬ ‪#‎hereformuz‬


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