It’s not everyday your mum turns 18!!

Only getting a birthday every 4 years means it’s pretty special when it rolls around. Will got to choose the catering with his directions being - “can you get the really cheap Coles sausages that someone would buy if they were having heaps and heaps of people over”?… so crappy sausages in white bread it was!

Many people have called us “inspirational” since Will’s accident - but we’re only able to function the way we do because of Wen’s hard work and support in the background. From cooking to cleaning to picking up kids, dropping them off, doing Saturday ballet buns and dancing runs, making Will his favourite cakes, filling in school notices and lending her shoulder when I cry… and then cry some more… we are just truely blessed to have the most selfless 18 year old spearheading our team.

(On a very different note a former classmate of Will’s, Max Billington, lost his little brother, George, on the weekend. My heart is so heavy for the family and all my thoughts go out to them right now. Sending them strength. xx)



Wen and 6 of her 9 gorgeous grandkids

Photo: Wen and 6 of her 9 gorgeous grandkids

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