Send your energy from afar...

How do you describe the week we've had?

To know that a group of our friends from the community have all banded together to help raise funds to ensure Will has the best possible quality of life is truly humbling... Then to have the media jump on board and spread their call to action is beyond words. Our entire family is eternally grateful and we all sleep a little bit easier knowing we have this support.

But I want to be true to this page now, and honor the fact that this is a page set-up to keep Will's "team" updated on his progress and the journey that lay before us.

So here's the deal. Will is sick... Again... Another infection... And it's knocked him for 6. The world of spinal cord injury is cruel and complicated... And extends well beyond the challenges of not being able to run, jump, catch and throw. We have bunkered down to support him through another fight, and continue to marvel at his strength and "will" to keep stepping up.

We've said it time and time again that Will's mates are keeping him going - but he's going to need every ounce of energy right now so we have to restrict people coming to the hospital in the short term. Please no drop ins this weekend as the doctors will turn you away (we'll let you know when this changes). Send your energy from afar...

Because what ever you've been doing is working so far. Xx

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