Happy birthday Will!

So our "little" boy (if you can call a nearly 6ft tall, 70kg kid "little") turns 14. A mere 7 days ago Will's birthday would have been about his new skateboard and skate shoes and the pizza and pavlova we'd share for dinner... But oh how life in one moment, in one split second, in one teenage decision can change so dramatically... So horrendously... So cruelly...

We feel like there is a tsunami of people who have joined Will's fight in this seemingly unwinable situation. Some of you know Will intimately, others know him through their kids and some don't know Will at all. Each and everyone of you are so important to Will right now and we consider you all part of his "team"... So we thought it would be worthwhile to give you an insight into this "kid" we're all behind...

Will is a pain in the arse! The number of times his family and friends have said "bloody Will" is just too often to count. From the day he entered this world he has been loud, restless, fiercely independent and has pushed every boundary and line in the sand that has been put in front of him.

Will is a gifted athlete! He was jumping bikes out of skateboard bowls in 4 year old kinder, he represented Australia at the World BMX Championships when he was 8, he was Vice Captain of Victoria for football and won last year's league B&F, played U/12s and U/14 1s for Sabres basketball, he was in the BGS aths team and last winter skied down a black run at Falls Creek at 98km per hour!! He's won more trophys than we have room for and lives for the opportunity to compete in anything and everything.

Will is an amazing friend! He loves his friends even more than he loves his footy. His friends are far and wide, boys and girls, old and young. Will just simply loves being with people and having fun. Many of you would know the room at the front of our house that is Will and his mates' haven. There is an on-going argument in our house over the floor being buried beneath mattresses, empty pizza boxes and packets of chips.

Will is sensitive, empathetic, caring and one of the most engaging and incredible young teenagers you will ever meet. He will fiercely protect his teammates and will always look out for the smaller and the weaker. He rises to occasions and makes every moment count.

So what will our gorgeous, brave son's birthday....,7 days into this lifelong journey. It will be about love... family... and community... And the power of bringing all 3 together to fight the same fight. We love Will for Will, not for how high he can jump or how fast he can run... And my birthday wish for him is that through the support of his thousands of "team mates" he can learn to do the same!

Social media is keeping the darkness at bay for Will right now - if you'd like to leave Will a birthday message please do so below.

Emma & Nick

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