This Christmas, if you have a Kris Kringle or Secret

Santa gift to purchase, why not consider making a

donation to the Will Murray Trust?


You could make a real difference to Will Murray’s

future, and help give the family something extra to

celebrate this year, by making a donation, or an

on-going pledge, to his cause.

Even if you have only $10 or $20 to spend, every

donation counts! Or if you’d prefer to give a gift that

keeps on giving, why not consider making a monthly

pledge – continuing to give just $1 a day makes a

considerable difference in the overall fundraising

for Will.

So if you’re stuck for inspiration, send a GOODWILL

GIFT certificate and let your recipient know you’ve made a donation to Will in their honour and in lieu

of a material gift.

Donations of any denomination can be made, so GOODWILL GIFTS can suit any budget.

Simply make a donation, and then download the GOODWILL GIFT CERTIFICATE.

Click here to donate.

Download your GOODWILL GIFT certificate here.

With your thoughtful and kind Christmas donation, the Will Murray Trust will continue to support 14-year-old Will in his rehabilitation. Funds will be used to pay for medical and rehab treatment, carers, facilities, goods and services that enable Will to live the most comfortable life possible.

Show your support for Will by giving a charitable donation in place of your traditional Kris Kringle gift!