October 29, 2017

Driving in the car last week our youngest asked me if there were “different numbers of days in each year”.

“No”; I said… each year has 365 days (choosing to leave out the explanation of a leap year). Gus pondered this answer before asking “why does it feel like this year has less days”?

My heart broke a little bit… you’re not supposed to think the years are going by quickly when you’re o...

May 12, 2017

Warning - long… grab a cup of tea… 5 months of updates in one post!!

Do you ever pause and take a snap shot of your life and wonder how the hell did you get to this point. Well that happened to me tonight… broom in hand, sweeping up a broken plate.

I had broken the plate… I had broken it when I threw my knife in frustration… frustration that I had burnt the dinner after a full day’s work...

January 25, 2017

Well - how about that…

As Will turns 15 tomorrow, on Australia Day… Professor, Alan Mackay-Sim, will be awarded Australian of the Year in recognition for his amazing breakthrough work in stem cell treatment for spinal cord injury!

15 is so young and Will has a long life in front of him, so it gives us enormous hope to know that there are incredible people, right here in our own country,...

January 17, 2017

Yesterday was January 16 and tomorrow is January 18… and today is January 17 - a year since Will’s accident.

You tell yourself it’s just another day, it’s just another date - but it catches in your throat, it makes your mind wander, it makes you reflect.

You reflect on the choices you’ve made and the path that you’ve taken and the progression that you’ve made… or really, the progressio...

December 25, 2016

I’ve gone to write this post several times… but each time it doesn’t really come out right. No one wants to be a grinch at Christmas time right? But, to be honest, I think we’re all just holding our breath here and hoping like crazy that the 25th December comes and goes, and leaves us all emotionally in tact.

I can’t lie… the lead up hasn’t given us any reason to think that this will be...

December 1, 2016

Spinal cord injury is the definition of dichotomy…

The rewards are so small, yet the effort required is so incredibly large. The evidence of healing and recovery comes so slowly, yet we all have to move and work so darn quickly.

The day-to-day grind drags on forever, yet the day disappears with never enough time to fit everything required in. The heaviness of the situation keeps you buri...

October 29, 2016

Dr Zhu has been and gone!

Dr Zhu was truly amazing!

A 70 year old acupuncturist who is in demand all around the world, who doesn’t need the work or the money, but who came all the way to Melbourne, because recovery from Spinal Cord Injury and Stroke is his thing, it is what he believes in and it is his purpose… and a teenage boy and family needed him!

No magic wands, no snake oil or expen...

October 12, 2016

Will’s home from hospital and is recovering well from his hand surgery. It will still be a good 6 weeks before he is back to where he was - but things improve everyday. 

It’ll take around 6 months before he can expect to see the benefits of the nerve transfer operation start to kick in which will hopefully result in hand opening on the left and hand opening and pinch on the right. Anyon...

September 17, 2016

Along my travels I picked up this great, little, unpublished book titled “How to be Your Own Psychologist” - it’s effectively a transcript of a Monk answering questions from Australian academics and qualified psychologists about mental health.

The Monk so eloquently highlights how little Westerners question their own minds and if they learnt to question their thoughts and perspectives t...

August 29, 2016

In one weekend Will’s old footy team made up of his best mates who he’s played with since he was 8 years old played in the Grand Final and lost… I took Gus to the skateboard park for the first time where I used to take Will for hours every weekend… and Tess went skiing with a group of friends instead of her family.

3 heart breaking events which each made me get a lump in my throat.

I’m p...

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October 29, 2017

January 25, 2017

October 29, 2016

September 17, 2016

August 29, 2016

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